January 2013

I recently came across an interesting smart phone app, Zombie Run. It's hard to describe exactly what Zombie Run is so check it out. This app gives you the experience of being in a zombie apocalypse. It also encourages you to run which is nice. I love the concept because it's not quite a game app and it's definitely not a utility app. Zombie Run has a story and provides an experience. Smart phone apps have become a creative medium. It's possible to create apps that are closer to a work of art like a painting, film, or novel than to a compass-- a strongly opinionated piece without options where the experience of the app is exactly what the author intended. What's most interesting about this new medium is instead of describing places it can take you places. Taking this perspective has helped me to generate a lot of interesting smart phone app ideas. Here are a few:

Thank you Zombie Run for showing me that the smart phone isn't just a utilitarian device that makes my days better. It's also a blank canvas on which you can create an experience to share with the world.